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Our company adheres to customer-oriented
policy and everything is based
on Customer’s desires.

  • Selection of objects - free of charge

  • Developer prices

  • High-quality legal support


  • Продажа недвижимости: индивидуальный подбор, показ, консультации,  юридическое оформление сделки

    Sale of real estate: individual selection, demonstration, consultations, legal support of transaction

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  • Помощь в получении кредитов, открытие счетов в банках

    Assistance in obtaining loans, opening bank accounts

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  • Оформление вида на жительство в Испании, налоговое консультирование —  возможность получить права на проживание в Европейской стране
    Obtaining residence permit for Spain, tax consultations — opportunity to get the right to reside in European country

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  • Продажа и аренда коммерческих объектов — возможность выгодного  инвестирования с получением максимальной доходности. Специалист компании подберет  Вам объект по индивидуальному запросу
    Sale and rentals of commercial property — opportunity of profitable investment with maximum yield. The Company expert is ready to help you choose the object meeting your individual requirements

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  • Обслуживание объектов недвижимости: меблировка и обустройство, ремонт,  сдача в аренду, контроль за арендаторами

    Servicing real estate objects: furnishing and renovation, repair, rental, control over tenants

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  • Услуги индивидуального туризма на побережье Коста-дель-Соль

    Customer tailored tourism services at the Costa del Sol sea coast

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5 issues faced by most of our customers
Overpriced real estate.
Some agencies raise the cost to get
extra commission. Customers do not even
have an idea of that
Underpriced cost of real estate objects.
Sometimes quite the opposite happens. One may observe offers for real estate at reduced cost created artificially on the websites, but as a matter of fact you are told that the objects have already been sold and you are offered other ones, which are more expensive
Independent search of real estate.
Some make independent trips to Spain and suffer high travel costs. As a result, they fail to find what they need
Self-reliant transaction processing.
To make a deal you need to know Spanish legislation.
Otherwise you run the risk of overpaying
or being deceived
Huge amount of time and efforts.
If you address to amateurs or even worse —
make your deal yourself, then you spend
a tremendous amount of time and efforts

Company advantages

  • Подбор объекта по индивидуальному запросу
    Object selection upon individual request
  • Качественное обслуживание клиента: трансфер, консультации, индивидуальный менеджер и юрист, доступные для связи и решения вопросов 7 дней в неделю
    High-quality customer service: transfer, consultations, individual managers and lawyers available at your service 7 days a week
  • Сотрудничество со всеми застройщиками, в базе данных все новостройки побережья Коста-дель-Соль
    Cooperation with all the developers; our database contains all the buildings at the Costa del Sol sea coast
  • Продажа проектов по ценам застройщиков, нет никакой наценки
    Sale of projects at developer prices, no other extra charge
  • Четкий отработанный механизм покупки недвижимости и оформления сделки с максимальной экономией времени и средств клиента
    Clear-established mechanism of real estate purchase and registration of the transaction with maximum time- and cost-saving for customers
  • Высокое качество юридического обслуживания, перевод всех документов на русский язык
    High quality of legal services, translation of all documents into English
  • Послепродажная работа с клиентом: заключение договоров с обслуживающими компаниями, ремонт квартиры, меблировка квартиры, сдача в аренду, контроль за арендаторами и решение любых вопросов по желанию клиента
    After-sales customer care: entering into contracts with service companies, renovation of apartment, apartment furnishing, rental, control over tenants, and settlement of any issues upon customer request
  • Помощь в оформлении кредита на покупку недвижимости
    Assistance in getting a loan to purchase real estate
  • Широкий выбор объектов недвижимости: от небольшой квартиры до крупного инвестиционного проекта или отеля
    Wide range of real estate: from small apartments to a large investment project or hotel
  • Полная конфиденциальность и неразглашение информации, полученной от клиента
    Absolute confidentiality and non-disclosure of information received from customers

Company facts

  • Более 10 лет опыта работы на испанском рынке недвижимости
    More than 10 years of experience at the Spanish real estate market
  • Все объекты, купленные клиентами с целью инвестирования, выгодно сданы в аренду
    All the objects acquired by customers for investment purposes are profitably rented
  • Каждый второй клиент компании — по рекомендации от клиента, который уже приобрел недвижимость при сотрудничестве с нашей компанией
    Address of every second customer is based upon recommendations of those who earlier acquired real estate with a help of our company
  • Обширный спектр услуг — от составления простого заявления до оформления сделки с большим количеством участников
    A wide range of services — from drafting an ordinary statement to making a deal with a large number of participants
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Recommended property in Marbella
  • 143 500 € Marbella

    Townhouse in a complex

    Area is 100 sqm, terrace 30 sqm.

    3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms

    Swimming pool, tennis court, garden

    Marble floors

    Parking, furniture

    More information

  • from 284 000 € Marbella

    Furnished apartments

    Exclusive complex

    2-4 bedrooms

    Area is 221 sqm.

    Underground parking, storage

    Panoramic view to the mountains

    More information

  • from 141 000 € Marbella

    Duplexes and apartments

    Exclusive complex

    1-4 bedrooms, terraces

    Fully furnished, swimming pool

    Panoramic view to the sea and mountains

    More information

  • 280 000 € Marbella

    Urban townhouse

    3 floors, 4 bedrooms

    2+1 bathrooms, garage for 1 car

    Tennis court, swimming pool in the complex

    Supermarket, restaurant, cafe

    More information

  • 390 000 € Marbella

    Townhouse in the complex

    Area is 255 sqm, terrace 75 sqm

    3 floors, 3 bedrooms

    2 + 1 bathroom

    Garage for 2 cars

    Furnishing option available

    More information

  • from 215 730 € Marbella

    Exclusive complex

    5 stars concierge service

    Swimming pools, waterfalls, fountains

    Bars, courts, golf courts, gardens

    Big terraces

    Exclusive decoration

    More information

  • 257 000 € Nueva Andalucia
    Nueva Andalucia

    Secured complex

    Apartment 115 sqm, garage

    3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, terrace

    4 swimming pools, garden

    Full decoration, furniture

    Beach and yacht club near the complex

    More information

  • from 112 467 € Marbella

    New complex

    Apartments and townhouses

    1-4 bedrooms, terraces

    View to the sea and mountains

    Private swimming pool, court, park

    Decoration, built-in cupboards

    More information

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Recommended de-luxe property in Marbella
  • 3 950 000 € Marbella

    New-built villa

    5 bedrooms, terrace 171 sqm.

    6 bathrooms

    Area is 513 sqm.

    Land plot is 1 315 sqm.

    Private swimming pool and garden

    More information

  • 750 000 € Sierra Blanca
    Sierra Blanca

    New-built de-luxe apartments

    Prestigious area

    Individual decoration, furniture

    3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms

    Area is 188 sqm., terrace 71 sqm.

    Garage, pool, garden

    More information

  • 1 295 000 € Marbella

    Penthouse in the complex

    First sea line

    3 bedrooms, terrace

    3 bathrooms

    Pool, sauna

    Built-in kitchen, fireplace

    More information

  • 1 295 000 € Marbella

    Unique new-built villa

    Modern style

    3 floors, 4 bedrooms, pool

    3 + 1 bathrooms

    Area is 220 sqm, terrace is 40 sqm.

    Land plot is 1 040 sqm.

    More information

  • 1 980 000 € Marbella

    Luxurious villa

    6 bedrooms + 6 bathrooms

    Garage for 3 cars

    Area is 739 sqm, terrace is 160 sqm.

    Land plot is 2060 sqm.

    Individual decoration, pool

    More information

  • 1 650 000 € Sierra Blanca
    Sierra Blanca

    Exclusive house, 4 floors

    Roof swimming pool and roof terrace

    5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms

    Garage for 2 cars, sauna

    Area is 405 sqm. , terrace is 203 sqm.

    Land plot is 1950 sqm, garden

    More information

  • 650 000 € Sierra Blanca
    Sierra Blanca

    Exclusive apartments

    Panoramic view to the sea

    2 bedrooms, terrace

    Garage for 2 cars

    Pool, tropical garden

    Secured area

    More information

  • 1 950 000 € Marbella

    Huge villa

    5 bedrooms, 3 living rooms

    Area is 437 sqm.

    Terrace is 151 sqm.

    Land plot is 2 000 sqm.


    More information

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Recommended property of the Costa del Sol sea cost
  • from 99 000 € Estepona

    New-built apartments

    2 bedrooms

    Area from 89 sqm, terrace 42 sqm.

    Garage, storage

    Near the sea

    Prices from 99 000 € to 189 000 €

    More information

  • from 103 300 € Sotogrande

    Apartments in the complex

    2 bathrooms, marble floor

    Underground parking, storage

    Private pool, garden, court

    24 hours security

    View to the sea

    More information

  • 252 000 € San Pedro
    San Pedro

    Apartments in the new-built complex

    2 bedrooms, huge terrace

    Panoramic view

    10 minutes to the sea

    Built-in kitchen

    Underground parking, storage

    More information

  • from 161 704 € San Pedro
    San Pedro

    Apartments and townhouses

    “Smart house” systems

    Secured complex

    1-4 bedrooms, terraces

    1,5 km to the sea

    Private pool

    More information

  • from 229 000 € Estepona, Golden Mile
    Estepona, Golden Mile

    Townhouses in the complex

    500 meters to the sea

    Private pool and garden

    2-3 bedrooms, 2+1 bathrooms

    Built-in kitchen

    Garage for 1 car

    More information

  • from 66 000 € Estepona

    Apartments in the new-built complex

    1-2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms

    Private pool, garden

    View to the sea

    Full decoration

    Prices from 66 000 € to 205 000 €

    More information

  • from 95 000 € Manilva

    Urban apartments

    2 bedrooms

    Area is 75 sqm, terrace is 30 sqm.

    Private entrance to the pool

    Court, barbeque area

    Near the sea, golf court

    More information

  • from 97 000 € Estepona

    The biggest complex

    New-built project

    Loan in amount of 80% available

    Area from 75 sqm.

    Big terraces

    Sandy beach

    More information

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Recommended commercial objects
  • 8 000 000 € Hotel in Cordoba
    Hotel in Cordoba

    Unique offer!

    Castle of COLOMERA counts

    Famous Spanish aristocrats

    Total area is 3571,64 sqm.

    Rebuilding is possible

    making 5 stars Grand-Hotel

    More information

  • 25 000 000 € Working 4 stars hotel
    Working 4 stars hotel

    Golden Mile of the Costa del Sol

    199 rooms, SPA complex

    8 conference halls, pools

    3 restaurants, bars

    Capacity to 350 people

    Sea line

    More information

  • 2 200 000 € Mini hotel
    Mini hotel

    Marbella, exclusive urban place

    Near the golf club

    Area is 1000 sqm.

    4 rooms and suite

    3 saloons, 3 sports halls, pool

    Open-air heated Jacuzzi

    More information

  • 350 000 € Restaurant in Marbella
    Restaurant in Marbella

    Working restaurant

    First sea line

    Area of the restaurant is 105 sqm.

    Using of beach is for free

    Permission to put 80 plank beds

    Bar, kitchen, storage, 2 bathrooms

    More information

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How it works?
  • 1. Customer sends a request

  • 2. Objects are selected and sent to Customer

  • 3. Customer is provided a list of documents required to open banking account and formalize mortgage

  • 4. Customer visits Spain to inspect and choose the object

  • 5. Customer pays a deposit

  • 6. Customer opens account in a Spanish bank and applies for a mortgage

  • 7. Customer issues a power of attorney to a lawyer of the company (optional)

  • 8. Lawyer draws up a sale and purchase contract and checks all the documents in terms of transaction legality

  • 9. Customer or lawyer acting by proxy obtains NIE (tax ID for foreigners)

  • 10. Customer remits the purchase amount to his banking account

  • 11. Lawyer acting by proxy trans-
    fers the sum from Customer's account to Seller / Developer’s account. In case of mortgage, bank representative appears at the deal with relevant slip

  • 12. Notary prepares the documents for registration of Customer’s title after verifying lawyer’s work on transaction legality

  • 13. Customer receives the keys together with a copy of purchase contract

  • 14. Lawyer by proxy registers the Customer’s title and performs any necessary re-registration (telephone, electricity, etc.)

Collateral return warranty
in the event of failure
to secure by mortgage
Price match warranty:
all objects are offered at owner prices,
free of extra charge
Assurance in terms of representation of interests and providing customer support in all public institutions and establishments: bank, notary public, etc.
Guarantee of receiving
high-quality service in English
Clean title guarantee for all
real estate objects offered by our company
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Still have doubts?There are 7 reasons of why choose Spain today:
Decrease in prices for real estate in Spain. Today
the price of real estate in Spain is the lowest
in the last few years. The cost of separate objects
is reduced to 50%. Temporary reduction in real estate
prices observed today makes it possible to profitably
invest the funds into Spanish real estate
Favorable mortgage conditions (average rate is 5%).
Spanish banks are actively lending to non-residents for purchasing real estate for a period of up to 30 years, for a sum of up to 50% of the property value (sometimes banks are ready to issue a loan of up to 100% of the cost in case of sale of real estate they possess).
There is also an option for early repayment
Beneficial investment. Real Estate at the Costa del Sol sea coast,
especially in Marbella, is easy to let on lease for short or long term, which may also be a good source of additional income
in Euro
The best place to live and relax. Costa del Sol seashore is truly
the ideal place to stay and residence. Costa del Sol climate is considered to be the warmest in Europe. Air temperature even in winter can reach 20-25 degrees and the sun shines 320 days a year
Developer offers are limited. There is an active sale of apartments
by developers at the Costa del Sol seashore now, the construction
of which was finished in crisis period. Proposal of new objects
is gradually reduced, and the next wave of new buildings
is expected in 2-3 years
Obtaining residence permit in Europe. Possessing real estate
by foreign citizens entitles to temporary residence in Spain.
Russian citizens have an opportunity of obtaining the right
for permanent residency, should they have any real estate
in Spain and evidence of the means of subsistence
Friendly attitude of the locals. Spanish people are very friendly, open and hospitable! They show a very cordial welcome to foreigners. Adaptation process in Spain for foreigners is very easy
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